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The Best Court Spells Caster In Kenya

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How I won an assault case

My name is Brian from Shauri Moyo Nairobi. My neighbor once assaulted me after I had found him in my compound trying to steal. This case really stayed for long time and I had just lost hope in everything. I really had a lot of knife marks which was as a result of assault.

After a series of court sessions, the court ruled on my favor this is after I had met Dr Mugwenu a week later. The neighbor was ordered to pay me 200,000 shillings as damage fee to me.

I won a petition case seeking an election re-run

My name is Lavender from Nairobi. I was once seeking to be elected as the area MCA but things went amiss as many election irregularities by my opponents led to me losing the election. I filed a case but still the courts were not fair enough to give me victory.

I visited Dr Mugwenu who casted the wining court cases spells where I won the case and later elected as the MCA after the election was held. God bless Dr Mugwenu.

My law firm attracted a lot of clients as my lawyers were winning a lot of cases

My name is Zedekiah from Nairobi. I owned a law firm. When I started the firm, most people did not like my firm as my lawyers were not winning a lot of court cases hence clients preferred other firms.  

After Dr Mugwenu casted wining court cases spells. My firm has once again attracted a vast number of clients as every case which is brought they win. This has really popularized my law firm especially here in Nairobi County. 

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