Friday, 26 February 2021 – The late Bonchari Member of Parliament, John Oroo Oyioka, who died at 71, was married to a lady who is young enough to be his granddaughter.

The deceased MP’s wife, Pamela Atieno, aged 35, left mourners in stitches when she took to the podium to eulogize her late husband.

Atieno told mourners that age is just a number and added that she enjoyed 12 years of marriage with her husband.

The mother of one said that the first Kisii word she learnt from her husband was ‘ningwanchete’ (I love you).

“I enjoyed all the time I stayed with him. I had a perfect love and he loved our son. Only five per cent of the time was left for those who never wished us well,” she said amid cheers from the mourners.

Oroo met his wife 12 years ago when she was a college student.

Oroo’s first wife, Teresa Bititu, a mother of five, said she appreciates Atieno’s son.

“Mzee has some property in Migori and in our community such is left for the sons. The young boy will take charge,” she said.

The MP died mid this month after a long illness.

Here’s a photo of Pamela Atieno, Oroo’s second wife, with her son.


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