My name is Mary  and I was happly married to a good and lovng husband Morris.We were blessed with two amazing children Jayden and Tanny.

After 10years of living in Eldoret my husband was given a transfer to Nyamira county by his workforce management and so me and the kids were forced to move to the new environment. We were so excited to move to Nyamira little did we know our peaceful night as a family ended the moment we stepped on that bus. (Phone +254740637248)

During the first two dry months of 2019 our lives went on smoothly. But  things started to change during the end of March since it was when the cold and rain introduced the cold season.

One evening after we had had our dinner as a family and watched our favorite program, as usual and retired to bed. At around 2am it started to rain heavily as I reached out for the blanket to keep warm , I heard a loud scream coming from Jayden’s room.

Just like a chicken protects its chics, Morris rushed  for the baseball stick that was behind our bedroom door rushing towards his beloved son’s bedroom to deal with whatever threat he would find.As we reached my son’s bedroom we were shocked to find him screaming his lungs out banging the door to his bedroom with his eyes closed as if he was fighting someone.

After so much struggles to wake him , Jayden gave us the surprise  look like as if he was wondering what the three of us were doing in his bedroom .We tried to ask him what he was dreaming about that made him scream that loud but all he said was ‘’Mama mimi sijapiga kelele ‘’and he immediately went back to sleep like nothing had happened .Morris tried to comfort us that this was normal for a child because what Jayden did is to sleep walk.

However, Morris was wrong Jayden repeatedly kept on screaming whenever it rained.The screams would start at exactly 2 am,he would only stop if he was woken up if not it would continue screaming. We became so worried as time went by  because our nights became unbearable.

We tried everything we could to help our baby boy and even at one-point in time we went to some preacher whose help was useless even after we paid him so much money.

  I one day shared the disturbing news to one of my collegues and she said ‘’Mtu anawezana na hiyo shida yenyu ni daktari Mugweno”. She then suggested that I pay a visit to him if I wanted Jayden’s problem to end.

The following day the three of us headed to Doctor Mugwenu’s workplace very early in the morning.He told us to leave Jayden with him for few minutes for him to observe and diagnose him.Five minutes later, he called us back in and told us Jayden had passed a haunted and cursed place on his way to school which is he would scream and wake up with no idea of what was happening.

He told us not to worry and gave us some herbs which we were to boil and give Jayden some to drink and the other bathe with every evening before going to bed.

We went back home and did as instructed and the results was truly amazing.By 2am that night when it rained,Jayden slept peacefully through the night. Indeed doctor Mugwenu’s driving the evils spirit spell had worked. Jayden has ever since been as happy as before after our visit to him.

Unlike other doctors and preachers whose main aim is to exploit people with problems such as scary dreams,haunted houses,cursed lands,Doctor Mugwenu’s is the man to pay a visit to so that your problems can go away.

 For all all who are faced with such problems and has for long wanted a solution can contacr doctor Mugwenu through:


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