Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – Controversial songstress, Akothee, who calls herself the President of Single mothers in Kenya, now claims that she is looking for a divorcee to marry her.

Akothee warned women who are walking out of marriages that she is ready to fill the gap and confessed that life as a single mother is not easy as many women think.

“Mtu asisesme I motivated her to walk out of her marriage. I am still looking for a divorcee to marry me, so if you make that man your ex-husband I will fill in the gap,” she wrote.

She further noted that there’s a scarcity of men these days and so, women should guard their marriages unless they are ready to die of dry spell and loneliness when they become single mothers.

This is what she posted on her Instagram page while reacting to a story on NTV concerning the high rate of divorces in Kenya.


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