Monday, 15 February 2021 – While spouses across the globe were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day, faded TV anchor, Betty Kyallo, was pulling slay queen stunts on social media.

The 32-year-old former TV anchor shared a video rocking a short dress that exposed her ‘thighland’ and tried to pull some hot moves but her body is too heavy after adding weight.

Some of her male fans felt that she needed a ‘real bull’ to cool her down.

Here’s the video that she posted on Valentine’s Day, sparking wild reactions from her followers.


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  1. Betty has always embarrassed herself in the media and the bottom line is she never learns from her mistakes, she is like a ship without a captain and without destinations,just take a minute and think about a ship without a captain and you just start the engine and let it go it will either sink or pushed by the sea on the beach or sand.

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