Wednesday, 17 February 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, Nana Gecaga, who is the CEO of Kenyatta International Convention Centre(KICC), took to her official Instagram page and revealed that she is weighing 62 kgs down from 78 after intense workouts. 

Nana said that before she started training in May last year, she had tried all types of dieting but still, she was not losing weight until she met her current fitness trainer.

“Personal growth to me is all about staying in your lane. The race is long but remember it’s always yourself at the end of the day. Last year May 2020, I met a woman who told me I can do if I stay the course. 

“That woman was Coach Roseanne. To be honest, I didn’t believe her because I had tried so many diets. She said that is where you are going wrong, don’t make it a diet, make it a lifestyle change “she posted.

Nana revealed that she is feeling amazing after shedding weight, something that she has been longing for.

”9 months later (78kgs to 62 kgs that is a loss of 16 kgs). Here I am and I look great but more importantly I feel amazing,” she added.

Here are photos showing how she has transformed in 9 months.


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