Thursday, February 11, 2021 – Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has decried the slow uptake of Huduma Namba card collection by residents of Nairobi after the government rolled out a mass distribution exercise.

According to him, only a paltry 300,000 out of the 2.2 million who supposedly received the collection messages have responded.

“We would like to urge those who have received the messages to provide the requested information and subsequently pick the cards,” said Oguna.

That is a mere 13.6% of the population of Nairobi.

Addressing the media at a briefing in Nairobi, Colonel (Rtd) Oguna explained that two messages are sent out from the Huduma Secretariat; the first being a request for details of where the individual would be most comfortable to collect the card followed by a second one that confirms the card is ready.

“People are getting these messages and perhaps just ignore them,” lamented Oguna.

He warned those who will not respond to Huduma Namba’s message as the secretariat will make it very expensive and cumbersome for them to collect their cards.


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