Thursday, February 11, 2021 – The Kenya Police Service spokesman revealed details of the Deputy President’s security team after a section of MPs claimed that Ruto’s life was in danger.  

Police spokesman, Charles Owino, said that the DP has three levels of security handling his safety counteracting claims from about 100 MPs who had said Ruto’s security had been withdrawn. 

The MPs had written a letter to Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai on Monday, February 8, highlighting their concerns over security pullout in Ruto’s events.

The legislators allied to the DP purported that there was a directive to reduce security officers from rallies Ruto takes part in, adding that this will endanger the life of the Deputy President.

However, Owino dismissed the allegations pointing out that the DP has three levels of security assigned to him; that is the G-company, the Presidential Escort Service and the elite Recce Company.

“The G- company man all his residences around the country, the Presidential Escort Service, mostly in civilian (attire), takes care of his travel alongside the special Recce Company attached to the Deputy President,” clarified Owino.


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