Friday, February 12, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to be wary of the ‘hustler versus dynasty’ narrative, saying it is dangerous and will divide Kenyans.

Speaking in Kiamaiko, Mathare Constituency on Friday when he officially opened the Kiamaiko Dispensary and Huruma Community Water Supply Project in Mathare, Uhuru said those peddling ‘hustler narrative’ are lying to Kenyans since some of them don’t even know the meaning of the word poverty.

Though he didn’t mention names, Uhuru said some of the politicians peddling ‘hustler narrative’ are filthy rich and their children don’t know what is to be poor.

Uhuru urged those politicians to stop lying to Kenyans and instead offer them solutions to uplift their lives.

“Wewe mtoto wako hajawahi kanyaga matope, acha Kudanganya Wakenya eti wewe Ni hasla,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru seems to be referring to his deputy, who calls himself a ‘hustler’ but owns five choppers and properties worth billions of shillings.


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