Monday, February 15, 2021 – Pastor Eric Omba, the Congolese man who was divorced by gospel songstress Gloria Muliro over infidelity, has castigated women who rush to the media to spill their marital woes instead of consulting family, pastors and friends first.

Omba referred to this habit of women spilling their marriage problems to the media as a demon and said that it must be defeated.

He further encouraged married women to be calm and patient even when their marriages are facing hurdles, claiming that challenges are everywhere.

“Nowadays some married women when they want to run away from their houses or leave their husbands, they go to the media first than going to their parents, pastors or friends. 

This demon must be defeated. And I know who came with that demon. Ladies be calm in marriage. Challenges are everywhere,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Gloria divorced Pastor Omba in 2016 for being a notorious skirt chaser.

He used to chew young church girls at his church in Kayole.


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