Monday, 15 February 2021 – Controversial city Bishop, Gilbert Deya of the infamous ‘Miracle Babies Scandal’, alleges that he performed a miracle on Sunday that left his congregants stunned.

According to Bishop Deya, a man who has been walking with crutches for 4 years after he was involved in an accident, was healed instantly through his prayers.

Deya alleges that doctors fixed metal plates in the man’s knees after he survived the deadly accident in 2017 and when he prayed for his healing on Sunday, the metal plate melted and turned into flesh.

“A man had an accident 2017 and the doctors fixed metal plate in his knees. It melted and became flesh, people were amazed. This happened on Sunday the 14th January 2021, “he posted on his Facebook page and shared photos of the man that he claims received instant healing.

Deya came back into the country 4 years ago after he was deported from United Kingdom. 

The controversial bishop was facing charges of stealing babies in Pumwani Hospital.

He was arrested after landing in the country and held in Kamiti Maximum Prison for 9 months before he was released on a bond of Ksh 10 Million. 

He currently runs his church in Nairobi CBD.


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