Saturday, 13 February 2021 – Former Tahidi High actor, Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh, has been reduced into a beggar after falling from grace to grass.

A few years back, Omosh was one of the most sought-after actors in Kenya but after becoming an alcoholic, his life was wrecked.

Omosh is currently surviving in Nairobi through donations by friends and neighbours.

He has not paid rent for the past one year since he has no job and most of the time, he just prays and cries to God wondering why He forgot him.

“Friends and neighbors have kept me. I have nothing to do. Have you ever stayed alone on the road walking around crying? That’s what I do. 

“I’m leaving the house shining and nowhere to go. One year, I have not paid my house rent. I don’t have anything. Sometimes, I go outside, I pray and just cry. I tell God, did you leave me? Did God forget me?? Nway God has been grateful. I have never missed lunch, breakfast or super,” he said during an interview with a famous You Tuber.

Watch the interview here.


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