Sunday, 14 February 2021 – Fake city preacher, Gilbert Deya, is still running his church ministry and enjoying police protection after he was deported from the United Kingdom, where he had been fighting extradition after the Kenyan Government issued a warrant of arrest for him in 2004 over theft of babies.

Deya was accused of stealing babies from Pumwani Maternity Hospital to facilitate a ‘miracle babies’ scam in which infertile women would reportedly become pregnant through the power of prayer.

The self-proclaimed Bishop was deported from the UK in 2017 after he lost a long court battle against extradition. 

Upon his return, he was detained for 9 months at Kamiti Maximum Prison and then freed on a Sh 10 million bond.

He currently runs the ”Gilbert Deya Ministries” church at Mokhtar Daddah Street in Nairobi Central Business District. 

Yesterday, Deya held a crusade at Silanga Udungu Sports Grounds in Kibera where he was in the company of armed police officers.

Despite Deya’s publicized scandals, Kibera residents turned up in their hundreds for the crusade.

He posted photos on his Facebook page bragging how he enjoyed tight security from police officers during the visit to the slums.

See photos.


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