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Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has reportedly gone mute after failing to stop Raila Odinga’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) reggae and is likely to go back on the drawing board to ascertain where exactly the rain started beating him.

This is after counties unanimously passed the BBI Bill and therefore validating the referendum.

Dubbed the Super Tuesday, almost 40 counties against the threshold of 24 counties passed BBI with the focus now shifting to the National Assembly before the referendum.

According to sources, Ruto has stayed mum despite the recent developments, with analysts saying the loss is a huge blow to his 2022 presidential bid.

Political analyst Mark Bichachi weighed in on the next move that the DP could take in a last-ditch effort to ensure he is not derailed.

Bichachi noted that Ruto was likely to stick to his political stance on advocating for a win-win situation and was likely to denounce that he ever opposed the bill.

“His next move is to stop his pretense and come to the realisation that for him to be a leader, he doesn’t need to go against even that which is good,” he said.

He opined that Ruto and his allies have been cornered in their own game, which has now come back to haunt them.


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