Monday, 01 February 2021 – Famous disc jockey, George Njuguna alias DJ Crème de la Crème, relocated from Nairobi to Kericho last year when the covid-19 pandemic struck, leading to the closure of entertainment joints.

Before the pandemic, his events calendar was full of lucrative shows.

The skilled deejay revealed in a recent interview that he would make an average of Ksh 250,000 per weekend, translating to Ksh 1 Million per month.

But after the pandemic, he was left jobless in the city with a lot of bills to pay, forcing him to relocate to Kericho where life is cheaper.

In Nairobi, he used to pay a monthly rent of Ksh 85, 0000 in the leafy suburbs of Loresho.

“As it is with life in Nairobi, you will find that you are making money just to pay bills. If you compare life in Nairobi and Kericho you will find that life here in the countryside is cheaper and a person can save more and lead a better life,” he said.

Unlike in Nairobi where he used to pay a monthly rent of Ksh 85,000, in Kericho, he pays a rent of Ksh 30,000 for a beautiful and more spacious home that sits on a quarter an acre of land.

He further added that his wife and kids have adapted to the quiet life in Kericho and that’s why he is not planning to come back to Nairobi where he had lived for 17 years before he relocated. 

“I’m never coming back to Nairobi. Now my family loves the peace and quiet of the countryside. I was born and raised here. And now after the lessons that came with the pandemic, reality has now struck me that life is more practical here, not in the city,” he affirmed.

Here’s how Creme and his family are enjoying life in Kericho.


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