Monday, February 8, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has made a solemn promise to the hustler movement which he intends to fulfill if elected president in 2022. 

Speaking in Mtwapa yesterday, Ruto dwarfed his peers as he promised to set up a whopping Ksh29 billion fund for the hustlers to establish their lives if they elect him as their president.

The fund will benefit small-scale traders like handcart pushers, grocery vendors and boda boda operators.

He explained that the fund will issue interest-free loans to support businesses and raise their standards of living. 

He compared the proposed kitty to the National Government Constituency Development Fund which allocates Ksh100 million to all constituencies annually.

He stated that in his Ksh29 billion pledge, all 290 constituencies would get an extra Ksh100 million.

Supporting small scale traders to expand their businesses, he said, would increase the government’s revenue base. 

“When I talk about changing the way things are done in this country to help the small traders, some people get angry with me.”

“I do not say what I do not know.”

“I have thought about it and I know it can be done,” he told his supporters. 


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