Thursday, 18 February 2021 – It has now emerged that Omosh’s sister, Naomi Kamau, who is a renowned producer, did everything possible to rescue her brother after alcohol addiction wrecked his life.

Naomi Kamau came out guns blazing recently and lashed out at people alleging that Omosh was forced to beg for help from the public after his family abandoned him.

“Before you start crucifying us online as a family for neglecting our brother, reach out and get our side of the story, no sane human being can neglect his or her blood relation. 

Omosh is our brother. We have done everything humanly possible to stand with our brother,” Naomi said.

Although she didn’t reveal some of the things that they did as a family to help their ailing brother, well-placed sources disclosed that Naomi Kamau even gave Omosh’s wife ‘Teacher Ngatia’ an acting role in Tahidi High when her husband sank into alcoholism and absconded parental responsibilities.

For those who don’t know, Teacher Ngatia as she was commonly known in the Tahidi High programme, is Omosh’s real wife.

“If you check very well, she was not a very good actress but they kept her in the show just for her to earn a living courtesy of Naomi Kamau’s good heart,” a source revealed.


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