Saturday, 20 February 2021 – Renowned Luo musician and producer, Woud Fibi, who is the brain behind most Ohangla hit songs, has been blasted by some of his fans after he took to social media to beg for financial assistance.

Woud Fibi is begging his fans to help him settle a medical bill of Ksh 300,000 but just last month, he threw an invite-only lavish party for his wife Nikitta and paraded the photos on social media.

During the party, expensive alcohol was flowing like water in a river but weeks later, Woud Fibi is begging for financial help from the public.

A concerned Kenyan blasted the popular Ohangla musician and producer and told him to get his priorities right.

“How can someone who can’t afford his own medication organize such a birthday party to a girlfriend? What are your priorities,” a Kenyan questioned through the post below which has gone viral.

Here’s what Woud Fibi posted after people refused to come to his financial aid.

Here are photos of the lavish party that he threw for his wife lasts month, only to beg for financial help a few weeks later.


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