Thursday, 18 February 2021 – A local businessman has come out guns blazing and accused Nyali Member of Parliament, Mohammed Ali, of swindling him after a business deal went sour.

The businessman who is identified as Moris Mbetsa, claims that the vocal MP, who previously worked at KTN, approached him to run his Mombasa-based radio station.

However, Morris was not comfortable with the contract that Mohammed Ali drafted.

As they were negotiating, Moha went to the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) and illegally revoked his radio station’s frequency.

He then bribed rogue officials at CAK and the frequency was given to him.

There’s a long process that is followed if someone wants to be given a frequency but Moha colluded with corrupt CAK officials and he was given the frequency that belongs to the said businessman.

Here’s what Morris posted and exposed the rogue MP badly.


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