Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – Police are investigating whether the payment of Sh20 Million for a road construction tender in one of the counties led to the brutal murder of Caroline Wanjiku Maina, whose mutilated body was found dumped in a thicket in Kajiado County.

According to police sources, some of the suspects who are in custody have disclosed that they were partners with the deceased business lady in a construction firm that won a tender to build a sidewalk in one of the counties.

Wanjiku reportedly failed to share the money with her partners after she was paid.

Wanjiku secured the deal but since she didn’t have enough money to start the work, she sought financial help from partners who anticipated getting a profit after she was paid.

“They claim the deceased was paid the money and did not pay their share as agreed,” a police officer familiar with investigations said.

One of the partners in the deal, who is behind bars, had even sent her a threatening message before she was murdered.

The suspects said they were upset after Wanjiku bought a four-wheel-drive car without giving them their share.

Wanjiku was kidnapped in Ngara about two weeks ago, tortured and killed before her body was dumped in Kajiado.

Some of the suspects who are in custody have already admitted that they were involved in the macabre murder.

They also revealed that Wanjiku was indebted to many people 


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