Thursday, February 18, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto’s spanner boy, Ndindi Nyoro, faced the wrath of Kenyans after he pulled stunts that backfired badly.

Nyoro, who was in Murang’a, posted a photo riding on a motorbike to sell the ‘hustler’ movement that is associated with the Tanga Tanga camp.

Nyoro wanted to pass a message that he is a humble hustler but Kenyans were quick to notice his Landcruiser V8 which was parked behind the motorbike.

The vocal MP was accused of exploiting poor youths with his hustler movement narrative.

“But you came there in a V8 and parked it. Why didn’t you give the hustlers a ride in the V8 which was spacious instead of breaking rules in the name of promoting a certain narrative?” a twitter user reacted.

See the photo that he shared and reactions.


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