Sunday, February 14, 2021 – Nandi Hills MP, Alfred Keter, has vowed to use all his resources to ensure that Deputy President William Ruto doesn’t become President in 2022.

Addressing mourners over the weekend, Keter claimed that he will walk around the entire nation urging the people against voting for Ruto in 2022 because he is a thief.

Keter stated that if Kenyans will make the mistake of voting in Ruto, then they will blame themselves because he will have warned them.

He maintained that he does not want Kenyans to hate the Kalenjin nation because of one thief.

Keter said he doesn’t want Kenyans to think all the Kalenjins are thieves because of one thief.

“We must tell Kenyans the truth about William Ruto. He is a big thief and that is why President Uhuru Kenyatta is afraid of endorsing his presidential bid in 2022,” Keter said.


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