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Sometimes, though it is against our will, we are forced to leave our children with people we hardly know because we have to work and give them a better life. I got this house girl who came to be my domestic manager since my previous one had run away.

This new girl, Joyce, was good, always hardworking and my son seemed to like her. Within few days, I started trusting her but I did not realize she was the devil himself. This is because one day while at work, my neighbour called me and told me that my house girl had beaten my three-year-old son and left him bleeding. She also said that the evil housemaid had stolen my expensive house hold items and I immediately disconnected the call and dashed out of the office. (+254 740637248)

I rushed home and found my son bleeding and our house almost empty since she had stolen our stuff and hired a probox to carry them. I tried reaching her on her phone but it was switched off.

I called my husband and as he was coming home, I rushed my son to the hospital where he was bandaged. He told us that the house girl beat him with a belt and hit him against the ground.

“Mum, huyo auntie mbaya alinigongesha chini na akanichapa na mshipi hadi ikakatika,” my son said while crying.

I just cried as he was telling me that. Nilipandwa na hasira kwa kuwa sikuelewa mbona msichana kama yeye akabadilika kuwa mnyama.

I felt sorry for my son and on my way back home, the evil house girl sent me a text message and told me I would never find her.

“You can never find me you woman! Nimeiba vitu vyako na hakuna mahali utanipeleka!” she texted after which she turned off her phone.

On reaching home, my husband told me that he knew a way of teaching such ruthless people a lesson. He told me there was a traditional herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu who was capable of sending plagues to her until she brought back our items.

We called the Doctor immediately on +254 740637248 and we set up a meeting that evening since we did not want to delay while that thief enjoyed our hard-earned money.

On meeting the doctor, he casted several spells on her that she would be so disturbed and troubled and come back asking for forgiveness. Further, Doctor Mugwenu assured us that his spells worked in less than 24 hours.

Sure enough, the next morning, Joyce called us while crying and told us that she was getting very huge pimples on her body and her breasts were growing so big and she told us she was sorry.

“You bring back our items, come apologize to our son and that is when those things shall disappear from your body,” my husband told her.

She came by the time it was afternoon and brought back everything she had taken from us even money and knelt down to say she is sorry and that she had learned a lesson. I could not let her go without giving her a beating for the way she mistreated my son. Doctor Mugwenu really saved us.

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