When reports went around spreading like wild fire over a couple who had been found engaging in a hot lungula, some reduced it to a mere rumour. It however turned out to be true.

The residents of Mayoni Village were treated to a free afternoon ‘show’ after Charles, a father of four, was caught in bed with another man’s wife before being beaten like a dog. This occurred last Friday.

It happened after George Pamba, who works as the gateman in one of the secondary schools in the area came back home only to find his wife with the man.

“As I reached my room, I saw what I never expected. I was confused when I found them naked on my matrimonial bed,” he said adding that he the man (Charles) was telling the woman to spread her legs further to serve his horny cassava.

“Weka miguu kando kando na ulale hivi haraka baby tutapatwa,” husband asked the woman as she responded, “Pambana hadi umwage. Nimekaa sana kupata kitu kubwa kama hiyo yako. Sawa?”.

Due to anger, Mr. Pamba descended on the two with blows. However the other man seemed stronger and it was a die or live fight. This prompted the woman to shout, alerting villagers.

“I do not want to see her (wife) again. Let her pack her belongings and go,” tired Pamba told the crowd which was milling around.

The crowd too was annoyed at Charles’ actions and gave him a thorough beating that left him with bruises. He almost died if it were not for a local administration.

Pamba then promised to deal with the randy pair by inflicting pain to them. However he was also keen to get back the wife since he loved her a lot.

He reportedly went to Mugwenu Doctors who are traditional healers from Vihiga town known to deal with cheating cases within families. He offered the services to Mr. Pamba by casting spells which threw the pair into unimaginable excruciating pains.

“Tunaumia kwa vitu zetu kama tulikosa tusamehe,” they were heard crying just a day after Pamba left the traditional doctor’s office. The witchdoctors work was at play. It was perfect and on time.

“Before I give out that kamuti, the complainant must convince me that they are legally married to the cheating partner. I do not do Mpango wa Kando or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships because my kamuti only works on married couples who are unfaithful,” Mugwenu disclosed on a national Radio.

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