Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – While some of you are struggling with life amid the high cost of living, there are few Kenyans who are buying a kilogram of meat for Ksh20, 000.

A photo of the expensive beef on display in a city butchery has been making rounds on social media, leading to endless questions on why the piece of steak costs that much.

It has since been established that the pricey meat which is called Wagyu beef originates from Japan.

It’s the most expensive beef in the world since a Wagyu cow can cost as much as Ksh 3 Million.

The expensive steak is sold in high-end butcheries in the country with a kilogram going for Ksh 20,000 while 300 grams cost Ksh 7,800.

See the photo of the expensive beef being displayed in one of the high-end butcheries.


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