Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, has attacked Deputy President William Ruto, accusing him of politicking for nine straight years and in the process, frustrating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s development agenda.

Speaking in Nzalae, Mwingi West, Ngilu depicted Ruto as a highly disrespectful leader who has allowed raw political ambitions to get the better of him at the country’s expense and its 50 million citizens.

He said since 2013, the DP has been stealing public money and not helping President Kenyatta to implement the Jubilee Government agenda.

“The president made it clear from the start that he wants to take Kenya forward. But he has been working alone. His deputy (Ruto) has since 2013 been endlessly involved in spiteful politicking. He has not been helping him at all. This kind of behaviour must stop!” Ngilu said.

Ngilu further urged Kenyans to support Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) when it is put to a referendum, noting that poor Kenyans, particularly the youth, will massively benefit, once BBI is passed and implemented.

“Let us get in there and pass BBI so that we can get more money at the grassroots to help us spur development,” she said.


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