Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – Last year around December, faded Kenyan singer, Marya of the famous Chokoza hit song, took to social media and shared heartbreaking details concerning her failed marriage with Kevin Mutisya alias Kevo, the father of her firstborn son.

Marya accused Kevo of domestic abuse and alleged that he was a serial skirt-chaser.

After Kevo broke up with Marya, he eloped with another lady who calls herself Mpenzi Pat on Instagram.

Mpenzi Pat is facing the same predicament as Marya after Kevo subjected her to physical abuse.

She lamented how the seasoned skirt-chaser has turned her into a punching bag and revealed that she has decided to walk out of the toxic relationship.

She also posted a video showing the bruises that she sustained after Kevo beat her.

Here are photos of Mpenzi Pat for those who don’t know her.

Karma is dealing with her properly after she snatched Marya’s abusive ex-husband.


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