Monday, February 1, 2021 – Former Kiambu county Governor, William Kabogo, has advised politicians aligned to Deputy President William Ruto to stop insulting the Head of State.

In an apparent reference to recent attacks on Uhuru by Ruto’s footsoldiers, Kabogo urged politicians to be tolerant and civil.

“I don’t agree with everything else that President Kenyatta does. But I will not hurl insults at him,” the former county boss said.

In a recorded video on his Twitter handle, he added, “I will not tell him in a manner that is disrespectful.”

Kabogo added that he may not also agree with everything that Ruto and ODM boss Raila Odinga do or say but he cannot insult them.

“I will not agree with everything else that William Ruto says. I may not agree with everything that Raila Odinga says,” he said.

“We should have decorum. We should know that this country belongs to all of us, 47 million and not any one person or any one community,” added.


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