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Saturday, 20 February 2021 – Quincy Timberlake shot to fame after he fell in love with former KTN anchor, Esther Arunga, when she was at the top of her career.

 Their publicized relationship faced rejection from Arunga’s parents but despite Quincy’s controversial lifestyle, Esther got married to him in 2010 and even quit her well-paying job at KTN.

 2 years after Esther and Quincy got married, they left the country for Australia after claiming that their lives were in danger.

 They lived a quiet life in Australia until June 2014 when their son died under controversial circumstances.

 Quincy was arrested and charged with the murder of their son after police investigations revealed that he killed the young boy while trying to exorcise demons.

 His wife, Esther, was later charged as an accessory to the murder and released on bail.

 During the hearing of the murder case, Esther gave new evidence that her husband had repeatedly thrown their son against the wall and pressed his stomach while trying to exorcise demons before he died.

 Quincy Timberlake disappeared from the limelight after the murder case and according to Apostle Joseph Hellon of Finger of God Ministries, Quincy is in prison.

 “He is in prison,” Hellon said while speaking in a recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Ali Baba.

 Hellon further claimed that he has not spoken with Quincy for more than 10 years but the last time they spoke, he was mentally unstable.

 “December 2010 last time we spoke he was not mentally okay. He wanted to be spiritually helped. As a man of god, I couldn’t refuse to help. There are people who knew him as a con man, I knew him as my class two desk mate but I never knew he was a con man. Two weeks later, we were arrested. My work was to start cleaning the brand. Three weeks later after the arrest, I realized he was a con” Hellon said.


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