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By Linet Kichari

During the first few months of my marriage it was filled with so much joy and happiness. Samuel was a wonderful and caring husband. He adored and cherished me which made me feel like the only woman in his life.

However, things started to change when I got pregnant. All the love and attention he had earlier gave me began to fade slowly.This made me feel so a bad about myself and sometimes I would hate myself. This went on to an extend of he would go out with his friends and never show. Since I did not want to feel bad and stressed for the sake of the baby,I  started to comfort  myself that incase the baby comes all the love and attention would all go to her. Call +254 740637248 

Things became much more worse after I  had given birth. He went from 2 days of not showing up to as long as a month. And sometimes I would call to ask why he never came home and his excuse would be he could not sleep since the baby was constantly crying the whole night and he could not stand all that nose and that he needed a peacefull night.

Samuel turned from a loving husband to a party animal we hardly saw him because he spent so much time raving with his friends.

After days of no show he one day came home at 4am with a friend each accompanied by a girl.  Idid not bother to ask them who the two girls were because I was so tired after being up all night looking after the baby. And so I went back to the bedroom little did  know that he had plans of his own.

After 30 minutes of waiting he did not follow me back to the bedroom and so  walked right back nto the sitting room and found him on top of the woman. I felt like it was the end of the world for me and kept asking lots of questions to myself. Since it was so early in the morning I did not leave immediately .

At 7am I went back to my father’s house and he did not bother to go after me.

My mother was so  supportive after she witnessed how emotionally broken down  I was and advised me to make a call to doctor Mugwenu. I emailed him through and explained to him what had transpired.

Two days later, Samuel showed up at my father’s doorstep accompanied by his two elder brothers confessing and swearing never to repeat the same mistake again.We settled our differences and I moved back to my house that very day.

He has since been a good father to my daughter and a loving and caring husband.

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