My name is Anna and I was married to my husband Samuel for 15 years. We were both parents of twins who were both in class six. Our marriage life was beautiful and I loved Samuel to the moon and back because other than being a loving man, he was a good father to my children.

In our marriage, we had an open door policy where we were open to each other, had access to each other’s phone and this worked perfectly for us as it helped us built trust for each other. My marriage was really blissful. Call +254 740637248 

Not at until one day, everything changed for the worst. It all started with my husband coming home at dawn, being distant to my children and worse he became so mean to me and ordered me to stay away from his phone. I was really hurt by his actions and all I ever wanted was for our marriage to go back to its initial mood.

I really suffered during that period. I spent cold and painful nights alone when my husband was away and I was increasingly becoming helpless. I was not sure if he was cheating on me because I did not find anything suggestive in his phone.

One day, I was coming home from the shopping mall, and as I came through the gate, I saw my husband hugging the neighbour’s wife as she was leaving the house. I took a step back and observed them from the gate where I saw them hold hands and told each other bye.

I was so shocked and I could not believe my eyes. Was it possible that he was treating me badly because of the neighbour’s wife? I wondered. I took some minutes outside the gate as I digested what I saw. After thinking of how my husband had been nice to the woman before, I joined the dots and concluded they were cheating on me.

I went to my house a few minutes later and pretended I had not seen anything and when I went to the bedroom, I found my bed shaggy showing that an activity was going on in the bed.

I just wanted to confront my husband that night but I thought it was a bad idea since I did not have any tangible evidence. I texted my friend that night and told her of what I had seen that night. She was so shocked and she told me that if I wanted to catch my husband on the spot, I should contact Doctor Mugwenu.

On inquiring further from her, I learnt Doctor Mugwenu is a traditional herbalist who had the abilities to cast spells that would help catch cheating partners.

I immediately took his number from my friend and I went outside from where I called the traditional herbalist. After calling him, he told me he would perform spells to stick the two lovers together when they met to make love.

He performed the spells that night. The next day, I woke up early in the morning and rushed to the shop to buy some bread for breakfast after taking my twins to school. On coming back, something awful had happened. My husband was stuck in my neighbour’s wife. This is how I discovered.

I heard wails from a distance and I thought that something bad had happened to my neighbours. But on getting into the compound of our house, I realized the screams were coming from my house since my other neighbours were rushing to my house.

On reaching there we find my husband and my neighbour’s wife stuck together while making love. I almost fainted after seeing them glued together. She was the reason my husband was being so mean to me.

My husband started asking for forgiveness from me and after a while, I called Doctor Mugwenu back and asked him to unstuck them. They were so embarrassed but I later decided to forgive my husband.

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