My name is David and I was married to my wife of one year when we started experiencing problems as a couple. It came to a point that my wife did not want anything to do with me. She went silent on me, stopped cooking and even our sex life was pathetic. She would only allow me to have sex with her after a long period of time. Call +254740637248 

It went from worse to worst when she started coming home very late into the night and sometimes, she would come then leave immediately. I tried asking her what the problem was but she just said she did not want me anymore. I became so stressed because I did not understand why she did not love me anymore.

I even tried to get my parents to come and talk to her so that our marriage could be better but nothing changed. One, evening I went out with my friends to the bar to have a drink to relieve myself of the marital stress I was going through. While in the bar I shared with them what I had been going through in my marriage and they felt sorry for me.

One of my friends then said that probably my wife was seeing someone else and that was reason she was being excessively mean to me. I later thought about what my friend had said and I after filling in the dots I relaised my friend could have been right. My wife was probably cheating and that was why she was so bad to me.

Now the big question was to figure out who she was cheating with and that seemed like an uphill task. I resorted into sneaking into her phone and see who she was cheating with. Sure enough, on picking her phone, I discovered my wife was cheating on me with a many she had saved in her phone as ‘My baby’.

I found extremely intimate and sex chats in her phone with the said man and I was so devastated. In the day that I found them, I called my friend who had suggested that my wife could be cheating on me and told him that I had found she was cheating with an unknown man.

He told me to go visit Doctor Mugwenu because he would help me net the two in the act by sticking them together. He sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number and after I called him, he agreed to meet me the next day.

Doctor Mugwenu used the combination of love spells and traditional herbs to stick the two together. He told me his spells worked in less than 24 hours and he therefore, asked me to be vigilant because anything would happen.

After reaching home that evening, my wife,as usual,  was nowhere to be found and I therefore went to the kitchen to cook some dinner. As I was cooking, I heard wails coming from my neighbour’s house. I quickly switched off the gas and rushed to the neighbour’s house to check what was wrong.

I was so shocked, beyond words to find my wife stuck to my neighbour as they were having sex. I did not believe that all this while, she had been cheating with next door unmarried neighbour just behind my back. They were in so much agonizing pain and were so shocked to see me.

They started crying for forgiveness from me and said they would not do it again. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them and I decided to forgive my wife and for my neighbour, he relocated to another plot due to embarrassment.

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