Tuesday, February 9, 2021 – South Mugirango MP, Silvanus Osoro, has publicly boasted on how he ‘disciplined’ his colleague, Simba Arati, in a public function in Kisii last week.

Osoro was speaking during an interview with media personality Jalang’o, whose real name is Felix Odiwuor.

Jalang’o started the show by asking the MP if his hands had healed following the fight.

“I don’t think this hand was injured, you should check on my colleague if the lower part of his jaw is OK,” said Osoro.

Osoro added that the information going around on social media that he was beaten by Arati is a misconception.

“That kick, I actually never felt it, there was nothing he did,” he added.

He noted that Arati was forced to hide behind the police officers following his beatings.

“I beat him until he hid behind the police officers, the Kanjo also pulled me down, I know them all but next time they should come well-prepared,” he said laughing.

Osoro and Arati publicly fought at a funeral in the presence of Deputy President William Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The incident has been widely condemned.


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