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Tuesday, February 9, 2021 – The Law Society of Kenya President, Nelson Havi, has rubbished his suspension, saying the council members had no power to make such a decision.

Responding to the statement from the LSK Council on Monday evening, Havi said he will not be vacating his seat until the end of his term as President.

“Which LSK is suspending me?”

“Those eight kids do not have the power to suspend a president.”

“They did not elect the president.”

 “That is a preserve of Members in a General Meeting.”

“The ‘suspension’ is a nullity ab initio intended to conceal theft of Society’s money.”

“I continue to serve till the end of term on 24.3.2022,” he said on Twitter.

The LSK Council had issued a statement announcing his suspension over alleged gross misconduct.

They recommended that Havi be removed from the office of the President by the general membership for ‘want of capacity to lead’.

The LSK Council cited reasons for his removal from office as making personal appointments of his ‘cronies’; failing the leadership and integrity test; bringing dishonour and disrepute to the society; causing them financial loss; stage-managing the passing of illegal resolutions among others.

He is also accused of publicly abusing members of the law profession using profane words on social media as well as intimidating judicial officers by casting aspersions against them online and on live television broadcasts.

Terming him a bully, the Council further alleged that Havi imposed his personal assistant Esther Ang’awa as Chair of the CPD Committee contrary to Rule (5) (5) of the Advocates (Continuous Professional Development) Rules 2014.


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