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Tuesday, February 2, 2021 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has distanced himself from Jubilee, saying he is not part of the government

Speaking after politicians clashed at a funeral he attended in Kisii County, Raila told off Deputy President William Ruto for saying he has left the Opposition and joined Jubilee and therefore he is part of the problem.

“Sisi hatuku kubaliana tudandie kwa serikali ya Jubilee, tujiweke kando! Nimeskia eti ODM iko katika serikali…mambo yameanza kwenda mrama ndipo unaskia ni kwa ajili ya fulani na fulani. Mtoto ni wenu…mlienda kwa field mkiwa wawili sasa baba anasema huyo si mtoto wangu, ni mtoto wa nani?

“(We, as ODM, never agreed to join the Jubilee government, let’s stay out of their mess. I’ve heard it said that ODM is part of the government and nothing could be further from the truth! Those saying such things are aware that they have failed and are only looking to cast the blame on someone else. The two of you went to bed together and now that a baby has been born the father wants to deny the child, whose child is it if not yours?),” the former PM posed.

He further urged politicians who belong to the ODM party to stay away from Jubilee party wrangles to avoid soiling the reputation of the Orange party.

“Sisi tuko nje! Hatutaki kupakwa matope na machafu ya Jubilee, yao ni yao! (Let’s stay completely away from the Jubilee party. We do not want to be dirtied by their mud and filth. Their troubles are their own!),” a frustrated Odinga directed.


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