Thursday, February 4, 2021 – Popular Citizen TV radio presenter, Kamau Munyua, has savagely attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta for using vernacular language to address Mt Kenya leaders.

During a four-day retreat at Sagana State Lodge, Nyeri County, Uhuru, who is a symbol of national unity, used the Kikuyu language to address his people.

Commenting about the president’s behaviour, Munyua, who hosts Good Evening Kenya on Citizen Radio, accused the president of fanning tribalism in the country.

He said it is a big shame for the Head of State to use his vernacular language to address political groups.

Munyua said it wasn’t the first time Uhuru was giving an interview exclusively in his native Kikuyu language or getting flak for it.

In April 2020, he faced widespread criticism after speaking on Covid-19 response measures in a Kikuyu interview limited to three Kikuyu-language radio stations.

Here is the audio of Kamau Munyua slamming the father of the nation for using the Kikuyu language when he begged Mt Kenya residents to back the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).


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