Tuesday, 23 February 2021 – 40-year-old socialite, Zari Hassan, is back on the dating scene after breaking up with the famous ‘King Bae’.

The mother of 5, who exchanges men like second hand clothes, unveiled her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, sparking a lot of reactions on social media.

Some people have been predicting that Zari’s affair with her new boyfriend whom she calls ‘Dark Stallion’ will end in tears but she seems unbothered.

She took to social media and lashed out at haters saying, “Even if it ends in tears, are they yours?”

“We will have after tears party. People surely love misery, you simply seeing people happy. Well it’s all good with me”, she added.

Speaking in a past interview, Zari said that she has no plans of getting married, meaning that she is just interested in tasting different cassavas.


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