You are stranded because of the issue of sharing your property equal amongst yourselves. This succession spell ensures you get your equal share at any time. succession issues can casue hatred among the involved parties and at the same time they might even cause death to the involved. For more contact him through +254740637248

The spell ends the power of disagreement of the two parties giving them an upper chance of easily getting to and agreement. With it, the voiceless parties in the successions cases are well covered as they will end up getting the final justice after all.

He further solves life challenges like love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increase your luck in areas like winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and casting of dreadful nightmares which may be acting as a barricade to your daily sleep. His main attribute is distance healing. Do not be limited with the geographical location you are in as they will always detach you to the healing elements. For more contact him through-+254740637248, website- Email:

At times the courts may rule opposite of your desire but through Dr Mugwenu succession spell, you will always get justice that very time in case of the inheritance and succession.

A man from Kisii narrates how he finally solved a succession issue with Dr Mugwenu help

My name is Sham from Kisii. We had been really having a succession case in our family which really got us in disagreement in most cases. This only happened after our dad who was a top political leader died leaving his lost of property back. Some women and children we have never seen cam claiming they were part of my dad’s family which really gave us sleepless nights on how to share the property.

Through Dr Mugwenu, we finally reached to agreement after a series of failed court sessions and disagreements. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu for his help as finally we have peace and good will among our family as the succession issue was solved.

My young brother was killed by my blood sister due to inheritance issues.

Succession issues can really be dangerous at times. My name is Robert from Kajiado. I had a young brother who when my dad was still alive have already told him he was to inherit some parts of his property. This really did not please my sister as she had not been allocated any property for inheritance as according to our tribe ladies never inherited anything.

My sister paid some men we really don’t know who started having some suspicious acts as my late brother was saying. One night he was found dead in his home after gun shots were heard. Actually my elder sister was really bitter because she never imagined she really did not have something to inherit.

This really instilled fear in us and by so we met Dr Mugwenu who casted spiritual cleansing to our sister and at the same time casted the land property dispute spells to ensure we solve succession issues. Finally we sat together and later agreed after a long time.

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