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A university graduate narrates how he got his accountant job

My name is Rogers from Vihiga. I had studied accountancy back at the university and now I had gone for two good years without a decent accountancy job coming my way. Many people had started doubting if I had really graduated with the accountancy degree. At some point I even decided to remain indoors as all my CVs for seeking jobs were more of the times not put into consideration.

Through Dr Mugwenu job spells, I got my first accountancy job after he casted the job spell. I really thank this spell caster as my life has really changed as nowadays i got no more stress. Long live Dr Mugwenu.

Finally I got employed

My name is Ann from Nairobi. My life was really in limbo after the covid 19 erupted. I had been doing a certain job as an hotel attendant but due to the corona pandemic many of us were retrenched to cut the cost of the hotel as their were no more visitors like before.

I was really not able to live such a life and I had to seek help from Dr Mugwenu. After he just casted  the job spell to me, I got another opportunity in a tourists hotel still in Nairobi. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu as now I’m able to survive since I was the bread winner of my family. May God bless the work Dr Mugwenu is doing to people.

How I became a secretary at a governmental ministry

my name is Hannah from Limuru. I had really been applying this secretariat job for a long time with no success. At some point I have even lost hope. I did not have the ability to compete with people who had large tracts of money who used their money to get lucrative job posts form the offices.

With time my friend told me of this herbalist Dr Mugwenu who had helped him get a military job and so I did not hesitate to contact him. He casted the job spell to me and there I got a job. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu for I’m currently living a life.

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