Friday, February 12, 2021 – There was a frenzy in the National Assembly yesterday after Nyali MP, Mohammed Ali of the famous Jicho Pevu, entered the Parliament chamber with a loaded gun.

The Parliamentary proceedings were temporarily disrupted after Speaker Justin Muturi was informed of the ongoing tension within the chambers over Ali’s gun.

Gem MP Odhiambo Elisha Odhiambo informed Speaker Muturi that he had spotted the Nyali MP carrying a gun tucked under his jacket, contrary to parliamentary rules. 

“Mr. Speaker I have noticed a behaviour that is not of good conduct for a Member of Parliament.”

“I am sure we operate under particular codes of behaviour within Parliament.”

“I am not aware that a Member of Parliament is allowed to walk inside here with a gun.”

“I have noticed that Ali is carrying something in his back.”

“If that is a gun then we are not safe,’’ he said as the rest of the House murmured. 

The Speaker, confused by the situation, asked for clarification on whether it was a gun by telling the MP to address the situation.

“My apologies Mr. Speaker, I forgot to leave my things outside.”

“I am a human being.”

“Allow me to surrender to the sergeant at arms,” he said.

MPs in the background could be heard saying that was a tanga tanga behaviour but the MP dismissed the claims by saying that the situation should not be personalized.

“I think Mr. Speaker that this is bad manners coming from Members of Parliament.”

“Rather than making it a tanga tanga affair, he should have spoken to me,” the MP said.

Ali went on to blame the MP for threatening his security by announcing him on national television.

“I think that at times as members of parliament it is good and wise to behave like gentlemen.”

“We are all human beings and sometimes we end up forgetting doing something.”

“If my honourable colleague saw that there was a problem, he could have approached me and told me to surrender rather than announcing me on national television and threatening my security now,” he said.


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