Thursday, February 18, 2021 – Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna, has been forced to pay a debt that she owed a famous makeup artist known as Zena Glam.

Former Ebru TV presenter, Dana De Grazia, made the matter public a few days ago and urged Tanasha to pay the makeup artist, who happens to be her close friend, for the services she offered in one of her recent video shoots.

Tanasha came out guns blazing after the allegations were leveled against her and put it clear that she never handles finances during her video shoots.

Tanasha said the bill was cleared immediately Dana Graza tried to paint her as a serial debt defaulter.

“Let me make one thing clear. It’s just came to my attention recently that one of the makeup artistes for my previous videos payment wasn’t made, as I never personally handle anything to do with finances for my projects myself. I have a team for that, however, I understand that my name is the one that will be jeopardized and not my person handling my finances!” she said.

“Had I known this earlier, this would have been long sorted? I would like to state that the payment has been made. I apologize on behalf of myself and my team for my inconvenience caused. This was not done deliberately, our schedules have been extremely hectic recently, however, it’s no excuse,” she added.

The former Ebru TV presenter also confirmed that Tanasha has finally paid the bill that she had defaulted for two months after pressure from the public.

“I am tagging media outlets as a gesture of goodwill to spread this good news. I am happy to confirm that after over two months and mounting public pressure @tanashadonna has fulfilled her word. I would like to re-state (I said it in my video) That this was never about attacking who she is as a person, it was about supporting my friend and I believe this message proves that our efforts worked,” Grazia wrote.

“I cannot speak to the reason Tanasha or her “team” was unable to pay in a more timely manner, but I am happy that at the end of the day, after the time and effort put in, promises were fulfilled,” she added.


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