Friday, 05 February 2021 – More details of Daddy Owen’s troubled marriage that pushed him into depression have emerged.

The 40-year-old singer walked down the aisle with Farida Wambui in 2016 through a colourful wedding that was the talk of the town after 4 years of dating.

It’s now emerging that Farida’s parents were against her marriage to the famous gospel singer.

According to well-placed sources, Farida has a son, whose baby daddy the parents wished was the one marrying her, not Daddy Owen.

The drama escalated during her ruracio ceremony when her parents refused to take the bride price from the Mwatias– Daddy Owen’s family.

In Kikuyu tradition, there is no stronger disapproval for the choice of hubby than parents turning down ruracio which is planned way in advance.

Farida’s paternal uncles saved the day by accepting Owen’s bride price.

The singer ignored the red flags and went ahead to hold a colourful wedding at Kenya Assemblies of God church in Buruburu that was attended by 300 guests.

Farida’s parents skipped the wedding, forcing her to be walked down the aisle by her uncle.

Farida dumped Daddy Owen last year and eloped with a renowned Kikuyu tycoon.


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