Thursday, February 4, 2021 – The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have come up with a new legal strategy to nail Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, a co-accused in the murder of an ODM supporter, Gumbao Jola, on October 15, 2019. 

According to Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Alloy Kemo, they have gathered evidence that would incriminate the suspects.

The exhibits included an AK47 and another rifle that was reportedly used to murder the deceased. 

They also disclosed that they would furnish the court with spent cartridges collected from the crime scene

DPP Noordin Haji’s office added that they had also managed to draw a sketch plan of the murder scene, had in-depth postmortem results and other relevant documents.

Detectives have also lined up 30 witnesses who are expected to testify against Jumwa.

Jumwa’s lawyer, Jared Magolo, requested more time to peruse through the exhibits tabled in court.

The prosecution, however, refuted and claimed that the antics were pure ploys to delay the case.

State Counsel said that the DPP had furnished the defense with all the necessary evidence that will be tabled during the trial. 

Justice Anne Onginjo postponed the trial to July 2021 after the ODM MP’s lawyers said that she was not ready to proceed with the case.

The judge took over the case after Justice Njoki Mwangi recused herself. 

Onginjo directed the two sides to be ready for trial as both of them had over four months to go through court documents. 

Jumwa and his boyfriend, Geoffrey Otieno, were each released on Ksh 1.5 million cash bail in October 2019. 


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