Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya, on Tuesday wished the earth would open and swallow him after he was heckled badly for trying to undermine Deputy President William Ruto.

The incident happened in the Gatundu North constituency during the burial of Thika Town MP, Patrick Wainaina’s mother.

Munya was invited by Ruto to deliver the President’s speech and was heckled as he took to the podium at the St. Francis Girls High School grounds.

Some mourners walked out as he began to read the tribute.

The mourners took issue with the Head of State’s move to task Munya to deliver his speech instead of his deputy.

Visibly agitated Munya was forced to pause the President’s speech to scold the crowd he accused of being disrespectful.

“I would really plead with you to keep quiet because we are in a burial … in our traditions, we respect the mother of our friend the MP … this is a solemn ceremony heshima si utumwa, ” Munya said.

Munya further said the Head of State has a right to choose who to represent him in any function.

Here is the video of Munya being heckled as DP Ruto watched.


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