A middle aged man from Kangemi Nairobi is reeling in shock after he was tipped of wife sleeping with a popular matatu driver at Uhuru Park Grounds during last Valentine’s Holiday.

According to how it was reported that this happened during the evening of Valentine’s Day throwing those who were passing by into both shock and laughter. It was a sort of free cinema.

“It seemed they were carried away and in the process, one thing led to another and before they knew it, they were already horny and naked. It was a free rare erotic sex show in complete broad day light,” Alex who resides in Nairobi recounted.

This was the shocking moment a pair caught “moaning” while having s*x in a park just yards from playing children.

The randy duo were filmed romping near the park and one stunned witness said they were “changing positions” and “moaning really loudly”.

Unfortunately and sadly, as they were doing it, they were just 30ft away from other families but they still went on laying down together and removing their clothes in broad daylight.

Immediately the story went viral on social media, and the husband in full view of what had transpired at the Park, he is said to have vowed to teach the two adults a lifetime lesson. He even contemplated hunting and shooting them dead but someone advised him not to do that since never will two wrongs make a right.

He was then advised to try seeking the services of a traditional healer who would punish the two naughty adults.

According to our sources, one friend of his tipped him to go for Mugwenu Traditional Doctors who are popular witchdoctors with ability to do anything to a cheating spouse. They make cheating couples get stuck while having s*x.

Next day he embarked on meeting the witchdoctor who performed some traditional exercises and let him go. The native healer conducted afew charms that threw the two men into deep pains including continuous scratching of their private parts which was almost turning into white floor particles. Mugwenu is a no joke!

By the end of the next day, the two were reported crying in deep pain wherever they were. Social media was awash with a couple yelling throughout the night at Uhuru Park. They had returned at the exact venue they carried the mess. This was a job well done by the doctor.

If you are cheating with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend you don’t need to worry because Mugwenu Doctors concoction only works on couples who are legally married.

Cases of cheating lovers getting stuck have been rampant of late, couples who are being cheated on have resorted to witchcraft to bust their sweethearts

We cannot hide our heads in the sand, cheating is almost as evil as death, people have to stick to their marriage or suffer similar consequences.

You can too contact this wonderful native doctor at www.mugwenudoctors.com or call +254740637248 and they will respond to your case as soon as possible.

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