Tuesday, 23 February 2021 – In yet another dramatic incident that exposes the high rate of infidelity among married couples, a man and a married woman got stuck in a lodging while they were enjoying nice moments together.

According to reports, the woman’s husband visited a local witchdoctor after he realized that his wife has been spreading her legs to other men without his knowledge.

The witchdoctor came to the rescue of the aggrieved man by giving him charms that he used to trap his cheating wife.

His wife is reported to have met her mpango wa kando for mid-day ‘fun’ and as they were enjoying their time in a city lodging, they got stuck and started screaming for help.

The proverbial forty days of the randy woman reached after her husband stormed the lodging breathing fire, after hearing the news that she had got stuck in a lodging, while serving the forbidden fruit to another man.

A witchdoctor had to be called to separate the two.

See video.


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  1. Woongo: that a man is stuck in the carnal knowledge. if you look that picture properly, the man is wearing a pant. How could be stuck and yet the man is in a pant?

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