Saturday, 20 February 2021 – A popular Luo benga musician, who is identified as John Ochieng alias Madanji Perimeter, is the talk of the town after he lost Ksh 284, 000 to a Kisumu-based video vixen on Thursday evening.

According to reports, the cunning video vixen identified as Jane Adhiambo stole from the musician after a night out.

Reports indicate that Madanji had earlier withdrawn Sh 300,000 to sort out his team and other bills after shooting a video in which Jane appeared as a video vixen.

Mandaje’s management only paid the band members and pushed other expenditures to the following day.

His management handed over the remaining Sh284, 000 to keep in his hotel room where he was to spend the night.

He booked rooms for his team in the same hotel.

Jane reportedly tricked the singer when her fellow video vixens and band members left for their respective rooms and since he couldn’t resist her charm, he agreed to spend the night with her in his room.

After the first round, Madanje reportedly went to relieve himself.

The cunning vixen is said to have stolen the money that the singer had kept in a drawer before escaping.

The matter has been reported to the police under occurrence book number 11/19/02/2021.

Here’s a photo of the video vixen who stole the money.

Here are photos of the famous singer who lost the money to the vixen like a fool.


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