Saturday, 27 February 2021 – Controversial TV anchor, Lillian Muli, has revealed that most of the time, she is forced to chase men instead of men chasing her.

Speaking during an interview with Billy and Mbaruk on Radio Maisha, the fast-fading TV anchor whose ratings have gone down, complained that while her female colleagues are chased by men, her case is different.

The single mother of two was responding to a question concerning the worst pick-up line that she has ever received from a man.

“It’s difficult to answer that question. This is because on my end it’s the other way round. Men don’t approach me, I am the one who chases them, “she said.

Lillian Muli has always had a complicated love life.

Her first marriage with Moses Kanene lasted barely three years.

She also had a nasty breakup with her wealthy Kisii baby-daddy and sponsor, Jared Nevaton.

Currently, she is a single mother of two boys.

It remains to be seen whether she will find a serious man to marry her since she is 38 years old, an age considered tricky for a woman to get a husband.


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