Saturday, January 23, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee is hell-bent on kicking out Deputy President William Ruto and his allies within its ranks.

On Thursday, the Party’s National Management Committee held a seven-hour meeting where they discussed several issues affecting the party, among them the Ruto issue.

According to sources, one of the recommendations from the meeting was that the party will initiate disciplinary action against Deputy President William Ruto and his allies for their involvement with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). 

The Jubilee officials want Ruto expelled from Jubilee Party for supporting UDA candidates in by-elections where Jubilee has also fielded aspirants. 

The meeting at Jubilee House in Pangani commenced in the afternoon and went on past curfew hours. 

According to Ruto’s strategist, Dennis Itumbi, the party also decided to kick out Nominated MPs affiliated with the DP.

He claimed that Isaac Mwaura, Cecily Mbarire, Naomi Waqo, Millicent Omanga, Mary Senata and David Sankok were on the radar of the party.

Mwaura defected to Ruto’s camp in December 2020. 

Itumbi alleged that Jubilee also wants to end its affiliation with UDA and also instigate the process of kicking out 150 MPs associated with Ruto from Parliament.  

Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe, earlier in the week, alluded that they were contemplating punishing Ruto. 


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